Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quinn Living Wage Bill Update

Working families in New York City are struggling to deal with the recession.

Activists, who are fighting for a Living Wage Bill, organised a demonstration to put pressure on City Councilman James Vacca, of the Bronx, to get him to support the measure, reported Billy Wharton. Activists are trying to get a hearing in the New York City Council in respect of the proposed law, but it ''has been a major stumbling block....''

It should come as no surprise as to who is standing in the way of a law that would help working families in New York City.

''At first, Council Speaker Christine Quinn claimed that she would oppose a hearing. She has since relented, but continues to foot-drag on the exact scheduling.''

The noble intention of the Living Wage Bill is to set a living wage standard for working families.

''The Living Wage Bill calls for a wage of $10 an hour with benefits and $12 an hour without for all workers employed by companies that receive subsidies from New York City. The primary target of the legislation is large fast food companies and retailers whose wages consistently fall below the living wage criteria, despite the public subsidies.''

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