Friday, November 30, 2012

Activist And Blogger Arrested For Photographing Wiener In Men's Room

Activist Michael Petrelis Arrested Over Privacy Violation Involving San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener

From The New Civil Rights Movement :

In what appears to be an act of heavy-handed political retribution, longtime activist, muckraker and citizen journalist Michael Petrelis yesterday surrendered to the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department in response to the District Attorney issuing a warrant for his arrest, after being charged with allegedly violating the privacy of Supervisor Scott Wiener.

The DA alleged Petrelis broke Section 647(j) sub-section (1) of the penal code.

A simmering feud between the Supervisor and Petrelis over a range of issues from a public nudity bill to control over the rainbow flag in Harvey Milk Plaza has raged for over two years. The charge stems from a photograph Petrelis snapped, and subsequently published on his blog, of the supervisor at a wash basin in a public restroom at City Hall on Friday, October 26.

Petrelis voluntarily turned himself in for booking on Thursday afternoon after posting bond, was cited and released.

“I am dealing with this legal matter head on,” said Petrelis following his ordeal. “I voluntarily surrendered to the San Francisco sheriff. I have a court date set for December 5th at 9 am, and I look forward to it.”

The incident occurred at City Hall, where Petrelis was staging a photo-op for visiting gay Honduran dignitary Erick Martinez, an activist whose life has been threatened by the rightwing junta ruling his country. Through Petrelis’ political organizing, Martinez was introduced to gay Supervisor David Campos and bisexual Supervisor Christina Olague, in front of the Harvey Milk Bust in the Grand Rotunda on the second floor.

Petrelis had been taking photographs of the activities in the Grand Rotunda before he walked into the public men’s room noticed Wiener and proceeded to photograph him. An image of Wiener standing in front of the sink, holding a toothbrush later appeared on Petrelis’ blog.

Two weeks after the photo appeared on his blog, in what looks like an act of political retribution, Wiener appears to have abused his power as a San Francisco Supervisor by involving the sheriff’s department, who in turn assigned two senior detectives to investigate the Petrelis.

“I am surprised the DA charged this case,” said Petrelis’ attorney, Derek St. Pierre.

A local fight over control of the giant rainbow flag that flies over the Castro, located in Harvey Milk Plaza, has been simmering for over two years between activists and the politically powerful Merchants of Upper Market and Castro (MUMC), over an alleged “agreement” with the city’s Department of Public Works (DPW). Wiener failed to mediate the dispute in his district, instead siding with MUMC.

At a September 11th commemoration in honor of Mark Bingham, a microphone was intercepted by Petrelis, an organizer of the event, before Wiener reached it. Excoriating him for his hypocrisy and lack of leadership, in front of media hordes, San Francisco mayor, Ed Lee, and other San Francisco power brokers, Wiener’s subsequent speech was an excruciating, cringe-inducing embarrassment, and one Wiener was not likely to forget any time soon. A meeting between activists and DPW scheduled for October 26, 2011 at City Hall was abruptly canceled at Wiener’s behest.

More recently, Wiener has been under considerable fire for the anti-nudity legislation he authored; an aggressive attempt to impose curfews on public plazas in the Castro that critics decry as openly hostile to the district’s homeless population; the erosion of San Francisco’s once-powerful Sunshine laws; and his strenuous opposition to free Muni rides for minors. A growing chorus of irate constituents has begun protesting the Supervisor’s activities and speaking engagements. ...

California Penal Code Section 647
(j) (1) Any person who looks through a hole or opening, into, or otherwise views, by means of any instrumentality, including, but not limited to, a periscope, telescope, binoculars, camera, motion picture camera, camcorder, or mobile phone, the interior of a bedroom, bathroom, changing room, fitting room, dressing room, or tanning booth, or the interior of any other area in which the occupant has a reasonable expectation of privacy, with the intent to invade the privacy of a person or persons inside. This subdivision shall not apply to those areas of a private business used to count currency or other negotiable instruments.

Click here and here for background on this matter.

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Is Giske's KFC Finger Licking Good ? #FastFoodFWD

If you wonder how could New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn could water down the living wage bill, then look at how she has been opposing the paid sick leave bill :

Christine Quinn Must Decide If Lobbyist Giske's KFC Is Still Finger Licking Good ?

From True News From Change :

Did Quinn Block Sick Pay Bill To Help Her Lobbyist Friend ?

Why is paid sick leave coming back as a political issue after being declared DOA by City Council Speaker Christine Quinn ? Union insiders say part of the reason is that the political calendar is getting closer to New York City mayor’s race – and paid sick leave could well become a litmus test issue. Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer highlighted it his State of the Borough address, while The New York Times’ recent story about Quinn’s close ties with lobbyist Emily Giske noted that Giske represents the parent company of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. Giske’s firm, Bolton-St. John's, lobbied against the bill on behalf of Yum! Brands, which could give opponents an opening to attack Quinn for shelving it. With more attention again being paid to the issue, supporters held a press conference yesterday to tout a study saying the city would save $28 million annually in emergency room costs if there were mandatory paid sick leave. (City and State)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fast Food Living Wage ?

What ever happened to that living wage bill that New York Speaker Christine Quinn watered down ? Remember how Speaker Quinn stalled, delayed, thwarted, and then revised the living wage bill until she and lobbyists watered it down soooo much until it would only benefit, according to her very own calculations, perhaps as few as 400 New York City jobs -- all this to please the Partnership for New York City and campaign contributors ?

And then remember how Speaker Quinn stormed out of the farcical living wage press conference, after somebody referred to the mayor by the moniker, "Pharaoh Bloomberg" ?

One of the major puppet masters behind Speaker Quinn's opposition to a real living wage law is the lobbyist Emily Giske. Ms. Giske represents the parent-holding company of the fast food restaurant chains Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell. Ms. Giske’s firm, Bolton St. John, has also lobbied against the paid sick leave bill.

Many campaign donors, who give tens of thousands in electioneering payments to Speaker Quinn, belong to the Chamber of Commerce, such as Rudin Management Company. Members of the Chamber of Commerce try to subvert campaign disclosure laws and unfairly try to influence legislation so that the City Council agenda only promotes big business interests, instead of protecting workers' rights or union rights.

How sincere is it, when Speaker Quinn issues a message of solidarity with #FastFoodFWD workers, but it was she herself who watered down this year's living wage bill. Is this acceptable to you ?

Read more : New York Is Site of Nation’s Biggest Drive to Unionize Fast-Food Workers

Quinn City Council Redistricting Campaign Scandal

NY1 reported that New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn was forced to respond to allegations that she is influencing the City Council redistricting process in order to help shore up support in her bid to become the city's next mayor.

The complaints came from people like Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito, whose East Harlem district was changed drastically to become a majority Bronx district. Some say a backroom deal was cut between Quinn and Bronx leader Carl Heastie, where he would get more power while Quinn gets his support for her mayoral bid. The speaker and Heastie both deny this. (NY1)

Will there be a federal investigation into influence peddling, ethics violations, or campaign corruption ?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

NYPD Drone Posters

Phoney NYPD poster ads popped up across New York City last September, reported the Media Anarchist. Some of the posters depict a black plane dropping a security drone that appears as if it is attacking a silhouette of a fleeing family which carried the message “DRONES, protection when you least expect it.” Another poster shows silhouettes of people and security cameras ; appearing in the top portion of the poster is a stencil of Mayor Michael Bloomberg as he keeps watch over the silhouettes. These fake advertisements were spotted near the Staten Island Ferry Terminal and in Chelsea one day after Occupy Wall Street protesters returned to the city to celebrate their first anniversary. It is still not known who was behind the poster prank, but the posters certainly caught the attention of the NYPD, sparking an investigation as to who may have installed these posters. No word yet if Speaker Christine Quinn has an opinion about the editorial content of these posters.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Are NYPD Violating The Handschu Agreement ?

During the early morning hours of Saturday, 24 Nov 2012, an employee of the New York Police Department visited one of the blogs authored by Louis Flores. The blog post visited by NYPD states how Christine Quinn, the Speaker of the New York City Council, would continue the controversial NYPD practise of stop and frisk on minorities if she were to be elected mayor of New York City in 2013. Mr. Flores is at work on a book providing an overview of the political ethics of New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. In the past, the NYPD have used physical force against Mr. Flores whilst he was trying to take a photograph of Speaker Quinn for his upcoming book under his Constitutionally-protected First Amendment right of freedom of the press. (CNN iReport)

NYPD Violate Handschu, Deny FOIL Request

NYPD continue to monitor peaceful activists in violation of the Handschu Agreement. In this latest case, NYPD officials are visiting this blog even though NYPD refuse to answer to a Freedom of Information request by the author of this blog.

Remember, this is on top of the fact that there have been allegations that Speaker Quinn has instructed the NYPD to use physical force against the author of this blog.

If Speaker Quinn can't find a way to violate due process by firing you, then she puts the NYPD on the case, to harass and cybermonitor you ?

2012 11 24 NYPD Cybermonitoring Louis Flores Handschu Agreement

Eric Rudin Laughs All The Way To The Bank

The Rudin family made mortgages to St. Vincent's Hospital and practically forced the hospital into foreclosure. Now, the Rudin family are laughing all the way to the bank from real estate profits from their billion-dollar luxury townhouse and condominium conversion of the former Level I Trauma Center.

Let's hope that New York City never suffers from a mass civilian trauma event or natural disaster, because the loss of St. Vincent's Hospital could be devastating to public health.

Quinn, Plummer, and Abuse of Power

Was the wrongful termination of Viola Plummer a case of intolerance, control issues, and violation of due process run riot ?

From The Gothamist :

NEW YORK (10 July 2007 12:35 p.m.) - City Council Speaker Christine Quinn fired Councilman Charles Barron's chief of staff Viola Plummer yesterday. Quinn had required Plummer to sign a letter agreeing to behave during meetings, after Plummer heckled Quinn during a meeting about street namings and made reference to an "assassination" of Councilman Leroy Comrie, but Plummer refused (she has maintained that she meant a "assassination" of Comrie's character and/or political prospects). And Plummer filed a $1 million racial discrimination suit against Quinn.

Plummer's lawyer says that Quinn has no authority to fire Plummer under the city charter (though Quinn supposedly checked the charter to make sure she could).

NYC IndyMedia reported that Plummer's lawsuit charges Quinn of "abuse of power, racial discrimination, violation of the First Amendment, and violation of due process." The case is due in Federal Court on September 24.

But Plummer still went to work yesterday. Barron escorted Plummer to work, and though Plummer's ID card was deactivated, she received a visitor's pass to enter the building where Barron's offices are located. Plummer says she'll volunteer for Barron's staff and still attend council meetings, which she can do as a visitor.

And some wonder if this dispute will help Quinn's plans to run for mayor. Some pundits tell the Sun she needs to build a reputation for toughness. Civil rights attorney Norman Siegel, though, finds the firing "constitutionally suspect."

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sonny Abubadika Carson Controversy

Did Speaker Christine Quinn make a politically-motivated dismissal of Charles Barron's chief of staff, Viola Plummer ?

Viola Plummer v Christine Quinn 3001108132009001SCIV

A lawsuit to force City Council to name a portion of Gates Avenue after Mr. Carson was unsuccessful.

Robert Taylor vs Christine Quinn Sonny Carson 30010537320071SCIV

Jose Ramos, Wanda Abreu NYPD Trial Calendar

Two cases will put the NYPD in a harsh light, come next month :

The First :

ADA : Wiczyk, Omer
Case # 3297/2011
Part # Pt. H60
Next Court Date : 12/13/2012

Defendant Name : Jose Ramos

Case Details : Ramos, a New York City Police Officer, is charged with crimes stemming from more than half a dozen different incidents that occurred between March 10, 2009 and November 11, 2009. Ramos has been charged with attempted robbery, attempted grand larceny, transporting what he believed to be a shipment of heroin for drug dealers, selling counterfeit CDs and DVDs in his barbershops, and disclosing the identity of a confidential informant who was providing information on a series of shootings and homicides.

The Second :

ADA : Wiczyk, Omer
Case # 2047/2012
Part # Pt. H60
Next Court Date : 12/13/2012

Defendant Names : Jose Ramos and Wanda Abreu

Case Details : Ramos, a New York City Police Officer, and his wife Abreu have been charged in a new indictment with conspiring to hire a “hit” man to murder a witness in a criminal case against Ramos. It is alleged in court papers that the defendants from September 15, 2011 and continuing through May 7, 2012, attempted to arrange the contract killing through face to face meetings and telephone calls, some of which were recorded at a detention facility on Rikers Island, where Ramos is awaiting trial.

Ron Kuby Pepper Spray Case Legal Letter

2012 03 26 Ron Kuby Bologna Cardona

Friday, November 23, 2012

Bill Rudin Bird Dogged Viral YouTube

St. Vincent's Hospital activist bird-dogs billionaire Bill Rudin over controversial luxury condo conversion plan.

Artist and political commentator Suzannah B. Troy confronts Bill Rudin on West 12th Street. Community anger towards Mr. Rudin has inspired many protests, including a sustained protest and vigil outside the sales office of the new luxury condos. Mr. Rudin has ruthlessly ignored the community’s need for a full-service hospital. Mr. Rudin paid pennies on the dollar to buy St. Vincent’s real estate, and Mr. Rudin now stands to sell luxury condos and townhouses that, once constructed, are expected to have a combined fair-market value of over $1 billion.

Mike-Bloomberg-William-Rudin-Hospital-Map-St-Vincents, Mike Bloomberg Pepper Spraying St. Vincent's with Bill Rudin holding an Occupy Wall Street Sign.

Quinn's Vito Campaign Strategy

In 2006, when she was elected to become Speaker of the New York City Council, Christine Quinn turned to help from Vito Lopez in Brooklyn, for the votes of Brooklyn councilmembers, in an effort to thwart Bill De Blasio, who (no surprise) failed in his campaign to become Speaker. Like then, Speaker Quinn is now turning to extending favours to Mr. Lopez. Only now, what is at stake is not the speakership, but the mayoralty.

Speaker Quinn needs to pump the political machine in Brooklyn for votes, because she has angered so many voters in her own City Council District over community-crushing development that is allowing New York University to overwhelm the special social fabric of Greenwich Village, that closed St. Vincent's Hospital, and that is going to destroy the character of Chelsea Market.

And, in exchange, Speaker Quinn is being suspected of delivering to Mr. Lopez a redistricted seat in Brooklyn, to give him a soft landing, once he gets kicked out of the New York State Assembly.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Quinn Would Accept Another Cathleen Black

Christine Quinn keeps door open to appoint the second-coming of Cathleen Black.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

NYC Hospital Evacuations #EPICFAIL

Why is it acceptable for us to allow hospitals go through such desperate attempts to equally and adequately fund the healthcare needs of patients ? Look at the consequences of the blackouts of New York City hospitals in Lower Manhattan.

The issue before us is whether the rebuilding of our hospitals will continue to favour wealthy institutions, which primarily serve the well-insured, or will we use this opportunity to examine and fix the unequal distribution of healthcare in New York created by the Berger Commission ?

As it is, we are on a path that will continue to force us to accept less and less. Look at how nursing homes were instructed by health officials not to evacuate, and then they are criticised by the Department of Health for unacceptable conditions compounded precisely because they were instructed not to evacuate. Is this acceptable ?

If we believe in the dignity and equality of all people, then our healthcare system must be reformed to provide patient care-centered healthcare, to equally meet the needs of all patients. Please support a truly universal, single-payer healthcare system.

Level One Trauma Centers in Lower Manhattan After Hurricane Sandy

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Christine Quinn, Domenic Recchia Exploit Hurricane Sandy Response

Under the city budget approved last summer by Mayor Michael Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Council Member Domenic Recchia was allocated in excess of $1.5 million in so-called member items for more than 150 community organizations of his choosing. Mr. Recchia received so much money, because Mr. Recchia helps Speaker Quinn score political points with his community. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Mr. Recchia is escorting Speaker Quinn through his city council district to help fluff up her visibility among Coney Island voters, even though Speaker Quinn is not held accountable for the lack of adequate emergency healthcare management planning. Since the time that she has become speaker of City Council, nine hospitals have closed in New York City, including Peninsula Hospital Center in Far Rockaway, Queens. No word yet on when Coney Island Hospital will re-open.

Another Death In Greenwich Village

Elliott Carter, a famous American composer, died on Monday in his Greenwich Village apartment. He was 103 and had continued to compose into his 11th decade, completing his last piece in August, The New York Times reported.

Ever since New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn approved the Rudin family's luxury condo conversion plan for St. Vincent's Hospital, there is no full-service hospital in the entire Lower West Side of Manhattan.

It's difficult to know how many people are dying because St. Vincent's Hospital closed. Richard J. Sheirer, the former director of New York City's Office of Emergency Management during the September 11th attacks, fell ill a few blocks away from where St. Vincent's used to be, and he died because he did not receive timely life-saving medical treatment.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Board of Elections Scandal (Continuing)

Journalist and political blogger Gary Tilzer has been blogging for days now that the New York City Board of Election would fail at delivering fair elections after Hurricane Sandy. Serious concerns exist that voters will be able to cast their ballots.

From True News for Change NYC :

For the last few days there has been talk of creating a Queens "super poll" at the Aqueduct Racino where all the the voters flooded out could go to vote on elections. True News has learned why that plan has not gone forward. The political leaders who control the board have been fighting each other for control. Board watchers cannot believe that the people's constitutional right to vote is being delayed for so long on such an important vote. There is a power struggle going on within the board between the Crowley forces and the senate majority leader Skelos GOP board loyalists on where to locate the Super Poll. The GOP does not want it at the Racino because they say the place is controlled by Crowley and the Democrats. According to BOE insiders, that fight has delayed a voting plan for 3 or 4 days. According to today's NY Post, the BOE has decided on a comprise plan of 3 Super Polling sites in Queens. But that delay means fewer voters will know where to vote and there is less time for the incompetent BOE to set up emergency tent polls.

What does New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn plan to do about reforming the Board of Election ?

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Chelsea Market ULURP Lip Service - We've Heard This Before

Whatever ULURP Wants, ULURP Gets

Lesley Doyel, a co-president of the community group Save Chelsea, published an editorial in the local newspaper of Chelsea, Jamestown Now :

Ms. Doyel was critical of the Uniform Land [Use] Review Process (ULURP), which is rigged in favour of zone-busting real estate developers. Here is an excerpt of her editorial about how Jamestown Properties used its ULURP application to upzone Chelsea Market :

... The ULURP process begins once City Planning certifies a proposal. ... As we now so clearly see, certification should happen at the end, rather than at the beginning of ULURP, so that the community can play a true and important role in the review process. As it now stands, the public voice is little more than lip service.

Yet, throughout ULURP, the public came out in good faith over and over again, to jump through the endless hoops required by the process, putting forth well-researched, reasoned arguments against Jamestown’s proposal. Hundreds of letters and postcards, thousands of petitions (not to mention the sheer number of people represented by all of the many groups that had joined in opposition) could not, as in the cases of both St. Vincent’s and NYU, prevail against the pre-determined approval that waited in the wings.

In the end, the steamroller that is ULURP buried the community’s very real concerns and protests under the gooey asphalt of compromise — expecting us to believe that this was all done in the public interest, and for the public good.

We know it was not. And, if nothing else, the City Council, and our own Council Representative, need to know and understand this. ...

Chelsea Market Should Not Have Been Upzoned

Separately, Andrew Berman wrote a separate editorial, which was also published in Jamestown Now :

... The Council voted to approve this deal with only one member, Zoning Subcommittee Chair David Weprin, staying for and listening to all the public testimony against the project. On the whole, the deal to upzone Chelsea Market will add to traffic and congestion, increase overdevelopment, diminish a beloved local landmark, and reinforce the view of a public review and approval system as one which denies the public a real voice.

Rudin Family, Marathon Organisers Hoarding 41 Generators Whilst NYC Still In Dark

Mayor Concedes To Critics : Cancels Marathon : What Took So Long ?

Race organisers, including the Rudin Family, the New York Road Runners Club, and ING, used Mayor Michael Bloomberg to be the fall guy for criticism about the city using valuable resources to hold the New York City Marathon. Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg was forced to cancel the marathon after The New York Post reported that at least 41 generators were being hoarded by race officials. Meanwhile, large numbers of New York City residents were rendered homeless with little to no resources for food, shelter, heat, health, or safety in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Bill Rudin Hurricane Sandy Hospital Evacuations and NYC Marathon

Many storm victims were outraged at all the resources, not just power generators, that were being hoarded by marathon organisers for the sole benefit of runners.

"Runners were set to dine on a lavish Saturday-evening pre-race meal that included lemon-thyme chicken with shallot jus, and autumn vegetable bow-tie pasta primavera with extra virgin oil and fresh herbs — which most storm victims would have killed for," reported The New York Post.

"More than 2,000 cops are typically assigned to work the marathon. About five years ago, the city started privatizing medical coverage at the event, although scores of city paramedics and EMTs are still assigned to the race," reported The New York Daily News.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Rudin Family Marathon Hurricane Sandy Controversy

The Rudin family, who is converting St. Vincent's Hospital into luxury condos, is one of the main sponsors of the New York City Marathon, and after mounting criticism, the Marathon was cancelled. The Marathon would have three giant electricity generators, which would be used for the media tent ; meanwhile, NYU Langone and Bellevue Hospitals had to be evacuated due to backup generator failures. The Rudin family was about to be become open to major criticism for using generators that could otherwise be used for hospitals, or for others, in similar need.

Politicians were finally shamed by news reports about the misuse of city resources whilst entire hospitals had to be evacuated, because their huge generators failed. Not only that, but, for days now, residents rendered homeless in Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Lower Manhattan finally reached a peak to actually be heard. This whole experience shows that politicians were tone deaf to the misuse of city resources, until the organisers and sponsors of the Marathon, such as the Rudin family and ING, were at risk of generating ill will with the public.

Bill Rudin Hospital Evacuations and NYC Marathon Reality Check

Even before Hurricane Sandy made landfall, weather experts were predicting massive flooding, which would have caused damage to the city's infrastructure. Two of the most critical infrastructure facilities that took a hit as a result of Hurricane Sandy were the subway system and the city's hospitals.

Bill Rudin Hurricane Sandy Hospital Evacuations and NYC Marathon

Bill Rudin said that it would be safe to close St. Vincent's Hospital, which was the only Level I Trauma Center and full-service hospital in all of Lower Manhattan. He and his billion-dollar real estate development company got easy building permits, zone-busting waivers, and approvals from New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. At the time, Mr. Rudin and Speaker Quinn said that if people in Lower Manhattan became sick, or if there was a mass civilian trauma event, patients could be transported to Bellevue Hospital, which was the next closest Level I Trauma Center.

But the aftermath of hospital evacuations at NYU Langone and Bellevue Hospitals following destruction by caused by Hurricane Sandy expose the risks of the Rudin Condo Conversion Plan approved for St. Vincent's Hospital.

Note that the NYC Marathon would have three giant electricity generators, which would be used for the media tent, meanwhile, NYU Langone and Bellevue Hospitals had to be evacuated due to backup generator failures.

Watch this NBC News report about the hurricane destruction. Note that Mr. Rudin is a sponsor of the NYC Marathon, and he wants the Marathon to still take place this week-end, even though first responders haven't yet finished recovering all the dead bodies on Staten Island, or, for that matter, ensuring public safety or providing emergency care to the people rendered homeless by the tsunami of the storm surge and flooding.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

NYU Langone Is Evacuated As St. Vincent's Hospital Becomes Luxury Condos

From The New York Times :

To the Editor :

Looking at the images of ambulances in front of NYU Langone Medical Center evacuating the hospital, one remembers the cry for the preservation of St. Vincent’s Hospital Manhattan made by the community and its doctors.

Let us join together to come up with a solution so that the people of New York will have access to the critical emergency care they need.

New York, Oct. 31, 2012

The writer, dean and professor at the Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine, is a former attending physician at St. Vincent’s Hospital Manhattan.