Thursday, May 31, 2012

Christine Quinn Book Proposal

''Untitled'' by Louis Flores : A Proposal for a Political Biography of Christine Quinn

With this post, I begin a book proposal for an instant book about New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's record of corruption. Please contact me at : 1 (646) 400-1168, if you would like to be interviewed for this book.

I will draw for hundreds of blog posts, which I have written, from my series of original YouTube videos, which I have made, and from interviews with New York City activists, for material with which to write this book.

The delivery of a manuscript can be made approximately five months from the full-time inception of writing, which can begin as soon as this book comes under contract.

The publication of this book will coincide with the publication of Speaker Quinn's own autobiography, so the public's awareness and interest in the subject will already be highly visible. Agents and publishers can reach me at : 1 (646) 400-1168.

I will promote this book to the thousands of visitors to my blogs, viewers of my YouTube channels, and followers of my Twitter accounts ; to the 9 million residents of New York City, and to the tens of millions of people in the national LGBT community. I will also undertake a wide-spread, but low-cost Internet promotion campaign to support the publication of this book.

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