Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Christine Quinn And Special Interests

Exactly For Whom Does Christine Quinn Work ? She Says That She Doesn't Like Criticism.

Bloomberg.com posts a mixed-motivation article about Mayor Michael Bloomberg's closest political ally, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn :

Quinn’s critics include a group of bloggers who question her progressive credentials. Their opposition stems from her support for the mayor’s push to change the city charter, which permitted him -- and her -- to run for third terms in 2009.

Donny Moss, who blogs for votechristinequinnout.com, says Quinn backed the term-limits extension for Bloomberg because her own mayoral prospects were tarnished. The New York Post in 2008 reported that she participated in a practice, which predated her leadership, whereby money was allocated to fictitious organizations so it could be doled out to community groups later in the budget year.

Quinn ended the practice and instituted rules that required council members’ names to be linked with any appropriations of discretionary funding. A federal investigation closed in 2011, without any action taken, Quinn has said.

“She has betrayed the public trust by overturning term limits, by stripping the City Council of the democratic process, using discretionary funds and committee assignments to control the way council members vote,” Moss said in an interview.

Quinn shrugged off the criticism.

“I don’t work for them,” she said. “My job is not to make some random no-name blogger happy. My job is to get things done, and that means working with and for everyone who can help move agendas forward.”

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