Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hosni No Protester Harassment

Can Christine Quinn Make the Same Concession ? #OpCityHall #OpCityCouncil

On Wednesday night, one of 8 uniformed NYPD officers, who were working as bouncers outside City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's mayoral campaign fundraiser in a Meatpacking District night club, pushed me out of the way. The police officer, who is unknown to me, put his hands on me, and he physically pushed me out of the way and threatened me with arrest, if I did not move. I was not blocking the sidewalk, nor was I provoking anybody. Plus, I want to stress that I was standing on a public sidewalk, and there were no barricades or tape to mark a security zone. I was merely there to peacefully hold up a protest banner to shame Speaker Quinn's do-nothing record about saving or creating a new hospital for the Lower West Side of Manhattan. Check out my video.

We are alarmed by mistreatment of political dissidents in Tahrir Square. How would people react, if everybody realised that some politicians also misuse the police against political protesters right here on West 13th Street ?

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