Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christine Quinn Will Probably Keep Funding Stop And Frisk

The Hunted and the Hated: An Inside Look at the NYPD's Stop-and-Frisk Policy

A secret audio recording of a stop-and-frisk in action sheds unprecedented light on a practice that has put the city's young people of color in the NYPD's crosshairs.

Read the full story at : Stopped-and-Frisked: 'For Being a F**king Mutt' [VIDEO]

Last summer, New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn attended a ''stop-and-frisk'' rally at the Stonewall Inn, where she was hoping to put on a photo op about caring about ''stop-and-frisk.'' But once there, she didn't count on Steven Thrasher actually holding her accountable.

''Nobody wants to hear the truth.''

When Speaker Quinn says that she is critical of stop-and-frisk, as she has sometimes said, it sounds as authentic as when she says that she is critical of the St. Patrick's Day Parade that runs along Fifth Avenue.

Speaker Quinn likes to complain about how the St. Patrick's Day Parade excludes openly identified LGBT groups from participating in the parade, but yet Speaker Quinn keeps using New York City taxpayer money to keep funding the discriminatory parade.

In other words : if talk is all you get, then talk is cheap.

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