Thursday, May 16, 2013

David Mixner Despairs Over Christine Quinn's Sinking Mayoral Campaign

Christine Quinn Dewey Defeats Truman photo christine-quinn-dewey-defeats-truman_zps9f22e70a.jpg

The mayoral campaign for Christine Quinn has reached a new low : David Mixner has posted a desperate plea for endorsements, and it is pretty pathetic that he has to make such a hard sell. Read the despair in his blog post.

Not only has Speaker Quinn betrayed the LGBT community over and over again (never standing up to the NYPD over how the police profile, discriminate, and falsely arrest LGBT New Yorkers, as one example), but she cannot be trusted in office. She has a record of corruption (using fictitious accounts to hide slush funds in the city budget), and she has betrayed the Progressive values of New Yorkers (by watering down campaign finance laws, overturning two voter referenda in which the voters imposed term limits). Time and time again, Speaker Quinn sells out the community in favour of real estate developers. Some say the sound proofing in her office was installed so that people outside couldn't hear Speaker Quinn's screaming fits. Others say that the sound proofing was installed so that Speaker Quinn wouldn't have to hear the pleas and cries for help from her own constituents.

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