Thursday, May 30, 2013

Quinn Tries To Lure Tech Voting Bloc, Attracts Affordable Housing Criticism

No doubt at the suggestion of the Partnership of New York City or her other Republican/Chamber of Commerce backers, Christine Quinn delivered a policy speech yesterday meant to attract the influential techie voting bloc. These folks are well informed and super inter-connected on the Internet. They know the real deal. Consequently, her speech was seen as being one-sided, only about how the tech industry could benefit the city, not the other way around, for example. But what was very telling was during the Q&A. "Ironically, the first question an audience member posed to Quinn after the speech had to do with a more old-fashioned city problem. He wanted to know the next mayor could make housing more affordable." Everybody knows how Speaker Quinn has enabled real estate developers to decimate the supply of affordable housing. Here's to hoping that the influential techie voting bloc posts and reposts this link ! (Quinn Touts Tech, Stumbles Over The Old-Fashioned Art Of Pronunciation * NYDN)

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