Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Kings of the NY Media Have No Clothes, de Blasio Unleashes New York Anger At the Rich

True News From Change NYC : Latest Poll: NYC Media Disconnected With the Public

From True News From Change NYC :

NY Media's Deviant Elite Subculture. The once powerful NY Newspapers has become a subculture that the public no longer believes. The editorial boards and newsrooms are in shock that their over the top endorsements of stringer and Quinn are being rejected by the voters of New York. A media revolution is going on in New York. And its Tea Party moment (we are talking about the Boston Tea Party of 1773) was de Blasio standing up to those trying to close two Brooklyn hospitals. Not one newspaper editorial has backed Bill in his efforts to keep the hospitals open. In fact the NYT in their endorsement of Quinn said that de Blasio efforts were hopeless. New Yorkers are tired of the Bull Shit words coming out of the newspaper and candidates. They know they are being priced out of the city and those that they elected don't care.

The de Blasio Revolution: New Yorkers Have Reject the Media. When de Blasio campaign went to court to keep the hospitals open the voters saw action not words. Every candidate this year has said they were going to say the middle class. That issue must be pollng high. There are other reasons that voters are turning to de Dlasio, his son TV ads, but the main factor is that New Yorkers are mad what has been done to their city. They think their pols have turned against them. Taking cash from developers whose luxury building are pushing them out of the city. By standing in front of Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn Heights with a court order to keep the hospital from closing and being given to developers they saw someone who would protect their interests.

Bigger Tax Increase for the Rich. Democratic mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio said he would seek a slightly larger tax increase on wealthy New Yorkers than he originally indicated, raising questions as to how he would win approval for his plan from state lawmakers, The New York Times reports.

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