Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Is Gov. Cuomo Circumventing Christine Quinn On Gay Marriage ?

Gov. Cuomo Signals That He Might Make Marriage Equality A Priority For His Administration ; The New York Daily News Describes Marriage Equality As A ''Civil Rights Issue.''

Erik Bottcher, who has been working as City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's liaison to the gay community, has just been named by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to be his community affairs aide -- an appointment that The New York Daily News has reported to be a hint that Gov. Cuomo will try to legalise gay marriage.

To make marriage equality a reality, Gov. Cuomo appears to be recruiting a dedicated team. If Gov. Cuomo is successful, New York will join a handful of other states, where gay marriage is already legal.

''Plenty of people - gay and straight - have been asking for years what is taking New York so long,'' observed Celeste Katz, a reporter for The Daily News.

It is a poor reflection on Speaker Quinn, a high profile gay leader in New York City, that Mr. Bottcher would be leaving her side. Although an approach of how to make marriage equality a reality already exists, based on the Gavin Newsom model, seeing as how Speaker Quinn has not been the source of any marriage equality effort in New York City, hopefully, Mr. Bottcher will have a greater impact on marriage equality now that he begins working for Gov. Cuomo.

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