Sunday, January 16, 2011

If Gay Marriage Ever Becomes Legal In New York City, It Certainly Won't Be Because Of Christine Quinn

Christine Quinn Has a Backward Idea for Marriage Equality

Instead of introducing a law that would create marriage equality in New York City, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn ''wants the city clerk to inform those who apply for domestic partnerships that Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Washington, D.C., all allow same-sex marriage.''

Presumably, by telling LGBT New Yorkers that you can get married in other states, this way, Speaker Quinn doesn't have to do anything about making marriage equality a reality right here in New York City.

Here, in New York City, we have grown accustomed to seeing Speaker Quinn showing up at gay rights events -- or gay engagement announcements, like the one that took place on the evening that this YouTube was made -- even though Speaker Quinn has never introduced any law to establish marriage equality in New York City.

In contrast, Gavin Newson helped to reshape marriage equality for the United States by allowing same-sex couples to receive marriage licenses in San Francisco. What comparable action has Speaker Quinn taken ?

At the announcement of the wedding engagement between Sean Eldridge and Chris Hughes, which took place on the evening that this YouTube video was made, Mr. Eldridge said, "As you know, we can't get married in New York, so there is more of an urgency to approve gay marriage, so we can get married here." Mr. Eldridge could conceivably call Speaker Quinn the marriage blocker responsible for this. Speaker Quinn is never going to lead us to a national LGBT civil rights breakthrough, considering she hasn't done anything about LGBT civil rights, much less marriage equality, right here in New York City.

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