Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Hunter College-Christine Quinn Needs Assessment Provided Political Cover To Allow The Sale Of St. Vincent's Hospital To Real Estate Developers

Jane Jacobs is turning in her grave !

Christine Quinn's Bluff Pays Off : Needs Assessment Provided Cover For Back-Room Real Estate Deal For St. Vincent's

We don't want to say, ''We Told You So,'' but we told you so. First, Christine Quinn said, ''We are not going to fall for that BAIT-and-SWITCH.'' But, like time and time again, Speaker Quinn was just pulling the wool over our eyes.

It was reported earlier today that St. Vincent's Hospital is going to become luxury condos. Naturally, it should come as no surprise that the announcement coïncides with a Joint Meeting of Manhattan Community Boards 2 and 4. The upcoming needs assessment (aka Monkey Survey) was nothing but a farce, SMOKE-and-MIRRORS to provide the Rudin family cover to buy St. Vincent's and turn it into luxury condos.

Assess Your Access Community Forum

Voters have no say in their government under the administration of Speaker Quinn and Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

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