Monday, August 29, 2011

Christine Quinn Enablers

OP-ED : Christine Quinn Enablers Have Infiltrated The New York Times

Gays Against Christine Quinn

After a shoddy report about City Council Speaker Christine Quinn ''moving to the political center'' (aka ''selling out''), one of Speaker Quinn's élitist enablers wrote a letter to the Editor all the way from Lyon, France, which is sad, because I would expect better from France. Christopher Murray praised how no other New York City politician had sold the LGBT community down the river ''... as adroitly as Ms. Quinn'' ....

And if that wasn't enough, Mr. Murray, a self-described therapist, analysed and diagnosed LGBT civil rights activists with ''confusion.''

How do you like that : Ms. Quinn's team attacking LGBT civil rights activists for trying to hold an elected politician accountable for delivering on LGBT equality ? Meanwhile, let's remind our readers of Speaker Quinn's atrocious LGBT civil rights record.

To call herself a leader of the LGBT community, Speaker Quinn must pass at least one landmark law to further LGBT civil rights ; meaning, once being a staff member to another LGBT politician doesn't count.

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  1. I wonder if Christopher Murray is a real person.