Monday, August 15, 2011

Quinn Gay Bookstore Raids

REWIND : NYPD Engaged in a Coördinated and Deliberate Sting Operation Targeting Gay Bookstores ; NYPD Entrapped Gay Men in False Prostitution Arrests. What Did Christine Quinn Do ? As usual, nothing.

Robert Pinter spoke on June 13, 2009, at a gathering in protest of a coordinated campaign of police harassment by NYPD. The New York Police Department has allegedly been waging a systematic program targeting gay, bi-sexual, and straight men.

Mr. Pinter, 53, is one of approximately 30 men who, according to several news report investigations, were falsely arrested on questionable charges of prostitution.

As usual, has Speaker Quinn called on the NYPD to account for its systematic harassment and homophobic sexual orientation profiling of customers of gay bookstores ? No. Is this the kind of LGBT leader you want to see elected to be mayor ? Absolutely not.

Homophobia counts on your internalisation of fear and shame. Don't buy into it. If we stand up together, we can live our lives with dignity and respect.

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