Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Slush Fund Scandal Boomerang

Slush Fund Scandal Festers And Haunts Christine Quinn

Tom Allon, a candidate for mayor and challenger to City Council Christine Quinn, published a scathing editorial about Speaker Quinn's slush fund scandal in the opinion pages of The New York Post. Read just some of what Mr. Allon wrote :

City Councilman Larry Seabrook can afford a sigh of relief after the mistrial blocked a corruption conviction. But taxpayers can take no solace, for the abusive waste of “member items” underlying the case was irrefutable.

Council Speaker Christine Quinn should be held accountable; it's high time Mayor Bloomberg and the voters held her feet to the fire for the mismanagement of taxpayer dollars during the last decade.

Mr. Allon added, "You see, the Seabrook scandal wasn’t an isolated action but part of a persistent pattern. The responsibility for deterring corruption in the City Council lies with Quinn, who has failed to hold her members accountable."

Mr. Allon's courageous op-ed was so troublesome for Speaker Quinn that news about the NYPost editorial immediate was reported about (and validated) in a slush fund update post on the City Room blog of The New York Times.

Separately, the True News From Change NYC blog also featured these news developments about Speaker Quinn's slush fund scandal. (You need to scroll down, to find the news items.)

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