Sunday, March 4, 2012

Quinn Was A St. Patrick's Parade No-Show After Muslim Surveillance Editorial By The New York Times

New York City Council Speaker Refuses To Investigate, Or Shut Down, The NYPD Racial-Profiling Surveillance Program Targeting Muslims.

In a scathing editorial, the board of editors of The New York Times have criticised New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn for not taking any action to question the New York Police Department's invasive, questionable, and possibly constitutionally-illegal surveillance of Muslims.

"... A series of articles by The Associated Press has exposed constitutionally suspect surveillance of Muslims in New York, New Jersey, Long Island and beyond. Unearthed police records noticeably lack any apparent link to suspected criminal activity, or any obvious payoff for public safety," reported The NYTimes editors.

Among the scandalous extremes that the NYPD went to, to spy on innocent Muslims, was to follow 18 City College Muslim students during a 2008 whitewater rafting vacation.

"It is a distressing fact of life that mistreatment of Muslims does not draw nearly the protest that it should. But not just Muslims are threatened by this seemingly excessive warrantless surveillance and record-keeping. Today Muslims are the target. In the past it was protesters against the Vietnam War, civil rights activists, socialists. Tomorrow it will be another vulnerable group whose lawful behavior is blended into criminal activity," warned the editors of The NYTimes.

Christine-Quinn-Protest-St-Pats-For-All-Parade-2012, Christine-Quinn-Protest-St-Pats-For-All-Parade-2012

Today, Speaker Quinn was expected to show up at the only LGBT-inclusive St. Patrick's Parade in New York, the St. Pat's For All Parade in Queens. But Speaker Quinn was a no-show. In her place, activists stood alongside the St. Pat's For All Parade to protest against Speaker Quinn's record of corruption.

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