Tuesday, November 27, 2012

NYPD Drone Posters

Phoney NYPD poster ads popped up across New York City last September, reported the Media Anarchist. Some of the posters depict a black plane dropping a security drone that appears as if it is attacking a silhouette of a fleeing family which carried the message “DRONES, protection when you least expect it.” Another poster shows silhouettes of people and security cameras ; appearing in the top portion of the poster is a stencil of Mayor Michael Bloomberg as he keeps watch over the silhouettes. These fake advertisements were spotted near the Staten Island Ferry Terminal and in Chelsea one day after Occupy Wall Street protesters returned to the city to celebrate their first anniversary. It is still not known who was behind the poster prank, but the posters certainly caught the attention of the NYPD, sparking an investigation as to who may have installed these posters. No word yet if Speaker Christine Quinn has an opinion about the editorial content of these posters.

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