Thursday, November 29, 2012

Is Giske's KFC Finger Licking Good ? #FastFoodFWD

If you wonder how could New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn could water down the living wage bill, then look at how she has been opposing the paid sick leave bill :

Christine Quinn Must Decide If Lobbyist Giske's KFC Is Still Finger Licking Good ?

From True News From Change :

Did Quinn Block Sick Pay Bill To Help Her Lobbyist Friend ?

Why is paid sick leave coming back as a political issue after being declared DOA by City Council Speaker Christine Quinn ? Union insiders say part of the reason is that the political calendar is getting closer to New York City mayor’s race – and paid sick leave could well become a litmus test issue. Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer highlighted it his State of the Borough address, while The New York Times’ recent story about Quinn’s close ties with lobbyist Emily Giske noted that Giske represents the parent company of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. Giske’s firm, Bolton-St. John's, lobbied against the bill on behalf of Yum! Brands, which could give opponents an opening to attack Quinn for shelving it. With more attention again being paid to the issue, supporters held a press conference yesterday to tout a study saying the city would save $28 million annually in emergency room costs if there were mandatory paid sick leave. (City and State)

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