Saturday, July 27, 2013

This Week-End in Carolyn Ryan Media Bias

Carolyn Ryan, left, is the politics editor at The New York Times. Prior to that post, she served as the metropolitan editor, where most of the articles she assigned and edited were of a favourable nature to New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. Many bloggers now believe that Ms. Ryan does the bidding of PR guru Howard Rubinstein, who is a corrupt media master of powerful New York corporate business interests.

Regarding : "Citing Scandals, Quinn Sees Way to Stand Apart"

How much more one sided an article can The NYTimes publish ? The headline seems to indicate that only Anthony Weiner has scandals in his past. The reporters downsized the implications to democracy by seeming to undercut Speaker Quinn's prime role in overturning term limits. And the article don't even mention each of Speaker Quinn's use of accounting fraud to hide a slush fund that she controlled at her sole discretion and the pattern of pay-to-play politics where if developers become campaign donors they always appear to get their way in real estate projects. More and more people are seeing through how disingenuous the reportage in The NYTimes is becoming in the editors' quest to install Mayor Michael Bloomberg's puppet as the next mayor.

Perhaps voters should be grateful to editors at The NYTimes for making the bias easy to spot, so voters can see this for themselves.

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