Saturday, November 12, 2011

Calculating, Cunning Christine Quinn

Christine Quinn : She has become more and more "calculating."

In a long journalism piece into how City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has sold out, Capital New York has questioned why Speaker Quinn has abandoned those New Yorkers amongst us with the least.

For example, on the social problem of poverty, Speaker Quinn has always sided with the billionaire 1%-er Mayor Michael Bloomberg than with poor New Yorkers. Speaker Quinn has opposed more housing assistance to people with H.I.V., she has opposed paid sick leave, and she is about to kill a living wage bill. Not only that, but she has also done nothing to expand the number of shelters for LGBT homeless youth to the point that activists are beginning to blame the clergy for the problems of homeless LGBT youth shelters rather than the City Council Speaker, who likes to dole out her City Council slush funds to politically-expedient charities to seemingly everybody, except for the broke, disenfranchised, and powerless -- the people, who have no money to donate to her political campaigns.

How did we get to a place where Speaker Quinn's supporters are attacking the Metropolitan Community Church for having no money to improve its homeless LGBT youth shelter, rather than criticise the City Council Speaker, who is in charge of the city budget (and her shady City Council slush funds) to supposedly "fix" social problems ? And did Howard Rubenstein's invisible hand have a part in this ?

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  1. Just another example of how cruel and phony she she is. I saw that Quinn tried to latch onto OWS by saying she was arrested four times in her activist days. Does OWS know the truth about Quinn?