Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Berger Debrief Ushery Hospital Closings

Last Sunday, NBC4 broadcast The Debrief with David Ushery. The news program featured a segment on hospital closings that are about to take place in Brooklyn. Stephen Berger, who is not a doctor, but likes to play God with hospitals, said that three Brooklyn hospitals would close. A reporter from the business journal Crain's said Gov. Andrew Cuomo was scrambling to prevent a St. Vincent's-tyle closing on his watch. (Whatever scrambling Gov. Cuomo is doing, that's more than can be said about New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who has allowed eight hospitals to close on her watch.) And providing the "community perspective" was another person, who said she would like to see more access to primary care, to replace the closed hospitals. It is not yet known which hospitals Mr. Berger will be targeting for closure. Also as of yet, there is no link to the Brooklyn hospital closings segment of the Debrief page on NBC's website.

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