Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Christine Quinn Buys Votes

Speaker Quinn doles out loot to cooperative Council members : ‘Lulus’ on top of salaries are vote-buying tools

Criticism is growing over New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's practise of rewarding her political allies with extra pay twice a year, reported The New York Daily News.

Last Friday, New York City Council Speaker handed out her ''lulus'' to City Council members, who vote her way on important legislation. The reason that the payments are called "lulus" is because the stipends were previously deemed “payments in lieu of expenses,” but now they are blatantly described as money that Speaker Quinn corruptly gives to councilmembers, who adhere to Speaker Quinn's political agenda.

The smallest amount of "lulu" can total about $4,000 for unloved councilmembers, while the largest annualised "lulu" totals $28,500, which is the amount that Speaker Quinn pays herself.

The Daily News has published a list of lulu-crazed councilmembers, who cashed their lulu checks, even though they campaigned against the scandalous payments. Other councilmembers are classified whether they cashed their lulu checks, but then turn around and donate the money to charity, and still yet others, who never cashed their checks.

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