Sunday, February 12, 2012

Christine Quinn Returns Tainted Cash

More "Dirty Money" discovered amongst City Council Speaker Christine Quinn political campaign contributions.

From The New York Post :

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn (pictured) said she will return a $4,950 contribution for her likely 2013 mayoral run after The Post questioned the source of the funds: an actress and model who admitted under oath to being involved with convicted swindler Norman Hsu. Quinn took the maximum legal donation from Suzanne Raffaelli in 2007 for a campaign that was widely assumed to be for the open mayoral seat.

Quinn’s mayoral campaign was put on hold after the City Council extended term limits allowing Mayor Bloomberg to run again in 2009. But she put the money away for a 2013 citywide campaign.

Raffaelli admitted to being a straw donor for Hsu, who is behind bars for mail and wire fraud in connection with a Ponzi scheme. ....

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