Friday, July 6, 2012

Christine Quinn, Living Wage, and Corporate Backing

What ever happened to that living wage bill that New York Speaker Christine Quinn watered down ?

Is Christine Quinn playing by the corporate backing rules ? Said another way, are more people finally coming to terms that she has sold out ?

Amber Hollibaugh, co-director of Queers for Economic Justice, gave a shocking and frank interview to The Nation magazine.

“Christine Quinn is a complication, I think, for many parts of the LGBTQ world. On the one hand, she has enormous power and visibility and she’s an open lesbian and…we have certain kind of access to her because she is an openly queer person. [On the other hand,] she wants corporate backing. If she wants corporate backing, she knows what the rules are for getting that corporate backing and she’s playing by those rules. If you are an LGBT organization that feels that economic justice and things like unions and minimum wages and family care are your baseline, she may be your ally, but she may also not return your call.”

Living Wage NYC Letter To Christine Quinn

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