Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Amanda Burden Approves NYU Expansion Plan

City Planning Commission Approves NYU Expansion Plan ; Community's Effort To Defeat This Reckless Plan Moves To City Council ; Good Luck.

From Andrew Berman :

This morning the City Planning Commission voted 12 to 1 in favor of NYU's massive proposed Village expansion plan with minor modifications. All of the Mayor's and all of the Borough Presidents' representatives voted in favor, while Public Advocate Bill DeBlasio's representative voted AGAINST the plan. The approval by the Commission was completely expected, as the Mayor had made clear his strong support for the plan. However, we are greatly encouraged by the Public Advocate's rejection of the plan, and now we will see if the City Council, which must hold public hearings and vote upon the plan, will exercise similar independence and reject the plan.

Read more : You can find out more about NYU's massive expansion plan and efforts to stop it.

Based on how New York City Speaker Christine Quinn used illegal tactics to shut out the community from the City Council hearing on the vote to approve the irresponsible Rudin condo conversion plan for St. Vincent's Hospital, it's not looking too good for residents of Greenwich Village. Who knew that Amanada Burden would turn out to be the second coming of Robert Moses ?

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