Saturday, June 30, 2012

Is Cindi Creager Beyond Reproach ?

Steven Thrasher Exposes Unethical Press Relations by LGBT Community Center Spokewoman Cindi Creager. Questions Raised About Accountability, Transparency, and Ethics.

Yesterday, The Village Voice published a powerful blog post by Steven Thrasher, who questioned the ethics of allowing cornerstone non-profit organizations, such as the LGBT Community Center in Manhattan, to go without proper oversight.

In a surprise interview, Mr. Thrasher interviewed Cindi Creager, who had been avoiding any media inquiries by The Village Voice. Ms. Creager is the Center's spokeswoman.

Mr. Thrasher reported that Ms. Creager said "she didn't think she had to speak to press who were 'unfair to us,' and said we were 'biased,' 'unfair' and a 'liar.' "

Ms. Creager admitted to Mr. Thrasher that Ms. Creager censored Mr. Thrasher, making it impossible for him to post comments on the Center's Facebook page.

In the past, The Village Voice has questioned the integrity of the Center's Executive Director, Glennda Testone.

Direct quote from Mr. Thrasher's report about his interview with Ms. Creager :

''Why is it just a one way street of information that is diseminated, that people can't ask you questions?'' she just nodded, as if that's they way things are and there's nothing to be done about it.

Who sets the tone of being beyond reproach ? Who sets the example that LGBT community leaders are not accountable to LGBT bloggers and journalists ?

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