Friday, June 15, 2012

Quinn Blocks NYPD Inspector General

New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn Is Expected To Block New Legislation Would Create Independent Oversight For NYPD

NY1 reports that dozens of City Councilmembers want to create a new watchdog called an ''inspector general'' for the New York City Police Department. The proposed new official would have oversight powers review policies, launch investigations, and issue public reports about the NYPD's controversial policies and practices, such as stop and frisk, religious profiling, and other illegal actions, like the abusive and brutal use of force, such as pepper spray on innocent young ladies. This powerful new regulator would also have subpoena power, according to the NY1 report.

''Nearly half of the City Council has signed onto the bill. But that does not necessarily mean it will go to the floor for a vote. It will be up to City Council Speaker Christine Quinn to move it forward. At this point, she has not taken a position on the legislation.''

Good luck. Anytime it takes leadership or courage to do something that would truly improve the lives of people of color, nobody can ever count on Speaker Quinn to move a piece of legislation forward.

Just look at paid sick leave. Look at how she treated her own community when it came time to decide to either put protective zoning on St. Vincent's, or to let the billionaire Rudin family to foreclose on a public charity hospital, so that they can build luxury condos :

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