Thursday, June 28, 2012

NYPD Shove Louis Flores at Quinn Protest

NEW YORK -- (27 June 2012) -- Earlier this evening, activists representing a cross-section of equality, social, and humanitarian issues gathered outside of 525 West 22nd Street to protest a political fundraiser to benefit New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

Watch this YouTube video to witness how Speaker Quinn uses NYPD and New York City employees as her own security detail during her political fundraisers. And most importantly, watch as NYPD illegaly violate the Constitutional rights of the protesters. At one point, Officer Lamonica can be seen pushing the LGBT activist and blogger Louis Flores on a public sidewalk, abridging his rights to peacefully protest, his freedom to assemble, his freedom of speech, and his freedom of the press. Mr. Flores is a blogger and activist, and he was attempting to take a photograph of Speaker Quinn for the cover of his upcoming book about the corruption that has taken place during the Quinn administration.

YouTube Video: (date of recording : 27 June 2012)

This video speaks for itself.

"Only a few weeks ago, Speaker Quinn participated in the march against stop and frisk," said Mr. Flores. "But yet here she is, ordering the police to use brute force against peaceful activists, who are only peacefully protesting and trying to take photographs for citizen journalism and social media. This is unconstitutional use of power by both the Speaker and the NYPD."

Mr. Flores contacted the NYCLU first thing Thursday morning and filed a complaint with New York City.

2012-06-28 Scan of Redacted CCRB Complaint Filed With NYC Gov About NYPD Use of Excessive Force Against LGB...2012-06-27 NYPD Push LGBT Activist Blogger Outside Christine Quinn Fundraiser

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