Saturday, July 14, 2012

80 Shootings In One Week

Christine Quinn Gives Good Lip Service Regarding Gun Violence, says Gary Tilzer on True News From Change, but that's about it. We're basically on our own.

Quinn Speak : “Council members care, [Police Commissioner] Ray Kelly cares, I care and the people who live in the hardest-hit neighborhoods care. All of us are united in horror at the recent examples of gun violence and senseless killings.” (NYPost)

Where are the Security Cameras, Quinn ?

20% of the Rise In Shooting Have Come From Public Housing . . . Does Quinn Care About the People in Public Housing ? The city’s public housing authority has failed to install a single security camera even though it has $42 million to spend on the improvements thanks to the agency’s foot-dragging (NYDN) * Latest Brooklyn shooting prompts calls for action (WABC) * NYCHA has $42 million in funds for security cameras and other measures that the agency is sitting on while they figure out how to spend it, even as crime spikes. (NYDN)

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