Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Police Misconduct In Response to OWS

Has anybody yet heard what New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn plans to do about this alarming report ?

Accusations of Police Misconduct Documented in Lawyers’ Report on Occupy Protests

From The New York Times :

During Occupy Wall Street protests New York police officers obstructed news reporters and legal observers, conducted frequent surveillance, wrongly limited public gatherings and enforced arbitrary rules, a group of lawyers said in a lengthy report issued on Wednesday.

The group, called the Protest and Assembly Rights Project, which included people involved with the law clinics at New York University School of Law and Fordham Law School, said that they had cataloged hundreds of instances of what they described as excessive force and other forms of police misconduct said to have taken place since September, when the Occupy Wall Street movement began.

Although the report referred to some well-known events, including Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna’s use of pepper spray, it also detailed specific instances of alleged misconduct that had not appeared in news reports. ...

Suppressing Protest Police Misconduct in Response to Occupy Wall Street

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