Monday, July 16, 2012

Quinn Board of Election Scandal

The New York City Council Is Responsible for the Corruption at the Board of Election (BOE), and the Council Can Reform the BOE If It Really Wanted To, reports Gary Tilzer.

From the 2002 Green Book Page 150 :

"The 10 commissioners of Board of Elections are appointed by the council upon recommendations of the two major political organization of the 5 boroughs. . . Vacancies are filed by the council for unexpired terms."

Quinn Does Not Have to Hold Hearing on BOE Corruption, All She Has to Do is Fire BOE Commissioners She Appointed

If Quinn does not have the power to fire as some say she can refuse to appoint anyone else to the Board until they reform. Quinn get three names to select one for each appointment. She can easily use the appointment power to select a director (now vacant) of the Board who will reform the mess. NYC Council to hold hearing on vote counting woes (WSJ) * "The Board of Elections' inability to accurately tally and report the results of last month's congressional primary in a timely manner threatens the credibility of the democratic process," City Council Speaker Christine Quinn said in a statement Thursday.

Quinn Who Appoints the BOE Commissioners Received No Blame From the Media About the Rangel Miscount

The NYP Does Not Even Understand She Has This Power Over the BOE

The Post worries the city’s Board of Elections will screw up next year’s mayoral races and urges Gov. Cuomo to overhaul the “incompetent” agency. The NYP should demand that Speaker Quinn fire the entire Board if they refuse to reform. Thanks for the warning (NYP) * "It’s even publicizing its incompetence in advance: In a letter to Gov. Cuomo and legislative leaders, board members recently claimed they might not be able to conduct a possible runoff election in the required timeframe after the 2013 primary." (NYP)

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