Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bloomberg Quinn Groundhog Vampire Shadows Joke

Christine Quinn Vampire Groundhog Day photo Christine-Quinn-Vampire-Ground-Hog-Package_zps3885d9b8.jpg

A spokesman for Bill de Blasio said, “If Christine Quinn were mayor, it would be the last 12 years over and over again.” (Groundhoggin' the Spotlight * The New York Post)

Staten Island Chuck did not see his shadow when he came out of his burrow at the Staten Island Zoo. Chuck predicts early spring for New York City. (Groundhog Day 2013 * The New York Daily News)

Mayor Michael Bloomberg was not at this year's event, so he cast no shadow. No word if Christine Quinn, who prematurely inserted herself into this photo opportunity, cast her shadow. Jokes on Twitter were playing off of her "vampire/gothic" look in a recent publication relations effort in New York magazine. One person wrote, "Vampires don't cast shadows."

LOL. Groan.

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