Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Christine Quinn Backstory on AVP Firings ?

A comment posted to The New York Times article : 

Offstage, Quinn Isn’t Afraid to Let Fury Fly

  • John M.
  • Brooklyn
Before election to the council, her mentor Sen. Duane, engineered her hiring as executive director of the NYC Gay & Lesbian Anti-Violence Project. After she demonstrated bad judgment with several decisions, the staff asked to meet with her to discuss the situation. She stayed in the meeting for 5 minutes until she felt too challenged. She them burst into tears and ran out of. The room. The next day several long term professional staff were summarily fired. Many of them had literally pioneered programs for lgbt crime victims, same sex domestic violence,& police -community relations. She replaced then with recent graduates & boyfriends of board members & big donors.

The behavior described in this article is not new.

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