Saturday, March 30, 2013

Christine Quinn Booed at Rally to Save Long Island College Hospital

At a meeting last Thursday in Redhook, Brooklyn, New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn was "blasted" by voters for not having any plan to save Long Island College Hospital (LICH).

Christine Quinn Paid Sick Leave Hospital Closings photo Quinn-Sick-Leave_zpsde311598.jpg

After Speaker Quinn delayed a vote on paid sick leave for three years, she finally stops stalling and reaches a watered-down compromise in order to avoid a revolt by City Councilmembers, who were ready to use the nuclear option to bring the paid sick leave bill up for a vote.

But after 10 hospital closings in New York City since 2006, what does providing paid sick leave for people, who may be gravely ill ? What does paid sick leave mean, if our healthcare system is collapsing ?

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