Wednesday, August 1, 2012

FDNY Refuse to Release EMS Transport Times

FDNY Office of Intergovernmental Affairs issues an incomplete disclosure of EMS "response and transit times" for the "lower west side of Manhattan since St. Vincent's Hospital closed."

Associate Commissioner Caroline Kretz sent me a letter, which I received today, indicating that from "May 2010 to March 2011, EMS response times for the area bounded by 34th Street to the north, West Street to the west, Fifth Avenue and West Broadway to the east, and Canal Street to the south, is 6:45 minutes for Segment 1-3 (most serious) incidents."

What is disturbing is that the FDNY does not track "transport times," this is the time that it takes for EMS to transport a person having a serious medical condition to the nearest hospital. Why doesn't FDNY track transport times ? Could it be because 10 hospitals have now closed since 2006, resulting in longer trips for 911 emergency medical patients to get to the next nearest hospital ?

Also note : We don't know the calculation methodology used by FDNY for their response times. In the recent past, we have information from some firefighters within the FDNY that the UCT 911 dispatch system does not accurate calculate response times.

FDNY Response :

2012 07 30 FDNY EMS Response Times Answer SVH Lower West Side

My original request submitted to the City of New York :

2012-06-24 Request for EMS Response and Transit Times - St Vincents Hospital NYC

Here is an earlier YouTube video I did, about why the FDNY and EMS were delaying the release of response and transport times :

Here was a response for EMS statistics, which FDNY sent to former State Sen. Tom Duane :

2011-09-07 FDNY Ambulance Transport Times FOIL Response

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  1. Don't let them BS you, they know darn well how long it takes to get a patient to the hospital.

    Dr. Mark Levine
    Original St Vincent's Paramedic
    "The Blacksheep"
    1977 - 79