Saturday, August 18, 2012

Steven Thrasher Laid Off By The Village Voice

Steven Thrasher, a daring writer with journalistic integrity to question LGBT leaders, is gone from The Village Voice.

From The New York Observer's website from yesterday :

Layoffs are hitting the editorial staff at The Village Voice today, and they’re hitting some of the most widely-read staff writers in the office. The Observer has heard from multiple sources familiar with the situation that the bad news is beginning to spread around the office, and that the following people are out at the Voice:

Camille Dodero (Staff Writer), Steven Thrasher (Staff Writer) and Victoria Bekiempis (Staff Writer) ....

... and we also heard Araceli Cruz was cut to part-time status. Cruz, who has been with the Voice since 2007, is a senior associate editor who works on both event listings and features across the paper. ...

Thrasher’s been with the Voice since 2009, and was recently named the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association Journalist of the Year, 2012. Thrasher’s coverage of metro civic stories and LGBT local and national issues (see: Bad Lieutenant, Dan Choi, ‘Maybe I Do, Maybe I Don’t’) have earned him a wide haul of accolades. ...

Mr. Thrasher also made a name for himself by his cutting-edge reporting, in which he also held political and community leaders from the LGBT community accountable (Cindi Creager, Christine Quinn, et al.).

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