Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Louis Flores Update NYPD Jack Jaskaran Elisa Cokkinos

Transcript of Public Meeting of CCRB. Testimony given by Suzannah B. Troy, beginning on Page 18.

20130410 Pubmeeting CCRB Suzannah B Troy Transcripts Louis Flores by Connaissable

Ms. Troy mentions that I have yet to receive any word from CCRB, and yet the Board Members didn't act like anything was wrong. I guess they think it is O.K. for CCRB not to have to answer any complaints that get filed ? The transcript is filled with strange errors. For example, Ms. Troy mentioned on Page 23 that I was shoved. Instead, the transcriber wrote that I was shot ! Even if I had been shot, the Board Members didn't even care. How sad is that, that they don't take brutality seriously, be it being shoved by a police officer or being shot by a police officer. Now, I see how the families of all of the police shooting victims feel : the police don't care.

I invite everybody to read Ms. Troy's testimony in full. It is very revealing.

My latest video, discussing New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's use of officers" from the NYPD Intelligence Division to provide domestic surveillance outside her fundraising events :

Video of NYPD making it difficult for a senior citizen, who has special needs due to healthcare issues (a bad back).

Video that was reported about by The Wall Street Journal, which shows NYPD Officer Lamonica pushing the LGBT activist and blogger, Louis Flores, who was only peacefully trying to take pictures for this blog.

An officer threatened to put the blogger and artist Suzannah B. Troy in handcuffs solely because she is a character and has what we all have in New York City, an attitude. Since when is speaking your mind a crime ?

Louis Flores was pushed and threatened with arrest by an NYPD officer ; citizens question Speaker Christine Quinn's use of NYPD to intimidate protesters

A few weeks ago, NYPD gave us wrong information about where peaceful activists could stand on a broad, wide sidewalk during a peaceful protest :

Continuation of NYPD plain clothes officer, who never identifies himself with his name or his badge number ; this police officer's only intent is to carry out a deliberate campaign to undermine the First Amendment rights of activists :

We've seen how NYPD use brutality, pepper spray, and injuries to subdue and squash political activism. Last week, NYPD even arrested people in wheelchairs at a demonstration in support of the Americans with Disabilities Act :

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