Saturday, August 4, 2012

Plucking Chick-fil-A

Christine Quinn Tries To Have It Both Ways : Is She A Community Organiser-Rebel Activist, Or Is She A Government Official ?

"Personal passion clearly got the better of City Council Speaker Christine Quinn when she urged New York University to evict a Chick-fil-A outlet from a campus property because the company founder has vocally opposed same-sex marriage." * Christine Quinn overstepped authority in letter to NYU about Chick-fil-A ; Shouldn’t have invoked her office in going after same-sex-marriage foe (NYDailyNews)

The NYPost issues a radical editorial, laced with homophobia, but circles back on freedom of speech : "Marinated in self-righteousness and virtually never called out in public on such issues, she likely doesn’t truly understand what she did wrong in the first place." * Chris Quinn's Misfire on Chick-Fil-A (NYPost)

"As a gay woman who recently got married, Ms. Quinn’s anger about Mr. Cathy’s comments is understandable. And she stressed on Monday that the letter was 'solely my own opinion.' But, as a powerful city leader and a leading candidate for mayor, she and others in city governments should take care not to be seen muscling aside businesses whose owners don’t agree with their views. That won’t work, especially in a city as big, diverse and opinionated as New York." * The Chick-fil-A Business (NYTimes)

Speaker Quinn has betrayed the LGBT community so many times that when she may genuinely want to try to do the next right thing by her LGBT constituents, she can't distinguish between trying to end de jure discrimination as a public official, on the one hand, and violating freedom of speech and verging on the misuse of her public authority, on the other. Like the Gothamist reported, "If there's anything cynical to see here, it's probably Quinn trying to distance herself a little bit from NYU to curry favor with outraged Greenwich Village residents."

2012-07-28 Christine Quinn Letter to John Sexton Chick-Fil-A

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