Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Advocating All The Way To The Bank

LGBT activist and blogger Michael Petrelis has posted exclusive information about the salaries of "every LGBT and HIV/AIDS nonprofit" on his blog, as part of his campaign for transparency and accountability from various agencies, who raise money to do work for the LGBT community and for people living with HIV/AIDS. In his research effort, Mr. Petrelis demanded from our social service organizations to release a minimum of 3-5 years of IRS Form 990's. Mr. Petrelis examined many tax returns for our advocacy and service organizations to identify the number of executive directors who've broken the $300,000 salary ceiling in the past few years. Following is an excerpt of his research :

Here are the highest-compensated executives, ranked by their last known or reported annual salary:

1. Gail Barouh: $421,200
2. Kevin Frost: $388,000
3. Michael Weinstein: $380,000
4. Chad Griffin: $379,000
5. Craig Shniderman: $374,000
6. Lorri Jean: $364,000
7. Morris Dees: $343,000
8. Richard Cohen: $339,000
9. Karen Pearl: $318,000
10. Joe Solmonese: $306,400
11. Kevin Cathcart: $300,200
12. Jerome Radwin: $300,000

Below are abbreviated fiscal profiles, arranged alphabetically, on the executives and the agencies they lead or ran before stepping down and moving on to another job. I've included three years' worth of their reported compensation and the agency's revenue, along with cumulative totals of salaries.

Transparency grades are also given, to praise the groups that post 990s on their sites and to publicize those that post a paltry single return or zero 990s, to spur them to get with the transparency program.

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