Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bolton-St. John's Salary

Bolton-St. John's is a lobbying firm headed by Emily Giske, pictured at left, who influences legislation and tries to win slush fund allocations on behalf of wealthy special interest clients, like KFC, the fried chicken fast food chain.

The firm and its lobbyists also try to fake grassroots campaign strategies in the name of business development.

This is only the "average" information reported by Lead411 ; it cannot be exactly known how much money Ms. Giske actually takes home. But she is definitely kept busy, winning slush funds for one of her major clients, Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center, which has received millions of taxpayer dollars that have been funneled in the name of "capital financing" from the New York City Council in the last two budgets, according to The New York Times. Another of Ms. Giske's clients, KFC, is part of the parent holding company, Yum! Brands ; KFC stood to keep making lots of gravy, after Ms. Giske lobbied New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn to kill, then delay, the water down the living wage bill.

The following is the salary information available from Lead411 :

Lobbyist * $ 129,143
Average Employee ** $ 58,880


* This doesn't include fat expense account allowances, taxi reïmbursements, and profits (if you are a partner).

** Includes administrative assistants, clerks, receptionists, and Starbucks runners.

"Lobbying City Hall is a significant business for Ms. Giske’s firm, Bolton-St. John's. In recent years, the company has reported earnings of $2 million to $3 million annually while lobbying the city government, billing its clients nearly $15 million in the six years since Ms. Quinn was elected speaker," wrote The New York Times.

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  1. Is she making more, less or the same as other lobbyists??