Saturday, September 8, 2012

Christine Quinn Never Supported Term Limits : NPR

GREENE: We were outside, in the blistering heat - right outside your office a few minutes ago, just talking to people about your future in politics and...

QUINN: I hope they were kind. (Laughter)

GREENE: They were kind. Some actually didn't know you, which was really interesting. The last person we talked to said, "I am not going to support her because I hold her accountable for giving Mayor Bloomberg a third term." Do you regret that at all?

QUINN: No, I don't regret that decision at all. I mean, I've never been a supporter of term limits. The charter gives us the power to make changes through legislation - or the voters, through a voter change. And I really felt, given the horrible, horrible fiscal situation we were in, voters deserved the chance to keep the elected officials they had, or not.

So I don't regret that at all. But I do respect the fact that for some people, that is a deal-breaker. And for some people - they feel very, very strongly about it. And I respect that.

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