Saturday, September 29, 2012

Christine Quinn Trickle Down Economics Meme

Christine Quinn Luxury Condo Trickle Down Economics Meme

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  1. In the upcoming NYC Mayoral Race, one may wish to note that while Anthony Weiner may not be running someone who actually has a 'Weiner' will probably be the next Mayor of New York City. It will not be a shallow and opportunistic political hack that behaves like a phucking dick, like Christine Qunn. Christine Quinn should be on notice that despite her insider connections, political graft, greed and slush funds, it will not be enough to allow a spineless, vision less intellectual and emotional twit to lead this city. Quinn is too barren, too crooked, too stupid to lead NYC. We cannot and should not lower our standards just so NYC can have its first gay female Mayor. CHRISTINE QUINN = UNACCEPTABLE TO LEAD NYC