Monday, September 10, 2012

Stop and Frisk Activists Monitored By Police ; Identified on NYPD Poster

Activists Christina Gonzalez and Matthew Swaye saw an NYPD poster labeling them "professional agitators" at a police precinct during a community meeting, reported WNBC. Ms. Gonzalez and Mr. Swaye, who live up in Harlem, were at NYPD's 30th Precinct when they saw the flyer labeling them as "professional agitators." It states that the couple often posted video of police conducting stop-and-frisk incidents to YouTube, and "cast officers in an unfavorable light." The paper also lists the couple's address, the WNBC report added. "I spent a lot of my life working as a peace activist, and to be associated with violence or something criminal is troubling," Mr. Swaye told WNBC. (Source : WNBC)

It is not known how the NYPD took the photos of the activists, or how much other information the NYPD has collected on Ms. Gonzalez and Mr. Swaye. It is illegal for NYPD to collect intelligence about peaceful activists.

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