Saturday, October 6, 2012

Emin Karsavuran Horse Carriage Driver Speaks About Altercation

Horse carriage driver Emin Karsavuran is featured in a new YouTube video, in which he mentions a physical altercation he had with an animal rights activist, Andrew Grossberg.

The maker of the YouTube video can be heard asking Mr. Karsavuran, "Did you much him in the face ?" referring to Mr. Grossberg, who was hospitalised after the physical altercation. "I defended myself," answered Mr. Karsavuran.

In a blog post on The Village Voice, Mr. Karsavuran was shown to have had an outburst of anger directed at another animal rights activist.

Animal rights activists are asking politicians to ban the horse-drawn carriage industry and to finally put an end to the animal exploitation tourism that puts horses and their passengers into danger of having traffic accidents in the busy Midtown Manhattan traffic.

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