Saturday, April 20, 2013

Christine Quinn Never Stands Up To The NYPD, Cy Vance

New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn likes to portray herself as a feminist. She brags about all the endorsements from women that she receives.

But here we have a situation where Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna clearly used excessive force against innocent women, and where is Speaker Quinn ?

Speaker Quinn has a brash personality, which she describes as courageous. But she is not courageous, or else she would stand up to the NYPD for using excessive force and brutality against innocent women. And neither does she stand up to Manhattan prosecutor Cy Vance, who refuses to prosecute Deputy Inspector Bologna. Meanwhile, civil rights attorney Ron Kuby is more visible about holding the NYPD accountable.

Read More : No Charges for Police Commanders Over Actions During Protests (NYTimes)

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