Thursday, January 10, 2013

Quinn Blocks Legislation That Would Help People In Wheelchairs

Bronx Councilmember Wants To Force Vote On Wheelchair-Accessible Taxi Legislation. Quinn Is Blocking Vote, Because It Doesn't Benefit Her Personally.

In a rare challenge to the stranglehold that City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has over other Councilmembers, Bronx Councilmember Oliver Koppell is trying to force a vote on his bill to make all yellow cabs accessible to wheelchairs.

Councilmember Koppel sent a letter to the chair of the transportation committee explaining that the councilmember was invoking the "sponsor's privilege" rule to compel the committee to vote on his bill, which has 35 co-sponsors, NY1 reported.

But Speaker Quinn gatekeeps which bills are allowed to be voted by the entire City Council. "The speaker determines which pieces of legislation move forward and which ones die in committee or languish without a hearing," reported NY1.

If it does not personally benefit her, then Speaker Quinn blocks legislation, like Councilmember Koppell's bill to help people in wheelchairs.

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