Thursday, January 3, 2013

Who Is Josh Isay ?

Josh Isay Is A Lobbyist And Political Consultant With Lots Of Conflicts Of Interest

The Man Pulling The Levers, Turning The Knobs, And Flipping The Switches Behind The Curtain

Josh Isay is New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's campaign spokesman. Mr. Isay is a major political consultant in New York and Albany, with an outlet in Washington. Mr. Isay also worked as a member of Mayor Bloomberg's media and mail team in the elections of 2005 and 2009, meaning, he worked to elect Mayor Bloomberg for a controversial third term.

Mr. Isay is also one of Sen. Charles Schumer's main political consultants and advisors. So, when we wonder : why is it that no matter who gets elected, nothing seems to change, it is because the paid political consultants are the ones who keep pushing politicians into certain agendas that make them "electable" ? Who is advising Speaker Quinn to make these backroom deals, to keep NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, in spite of the fact that we need a federal commission to investigate the NYPD ?

When all of us keep working to demand reforms from government, who are the people behind the scenes, who are saying, "No" ? We only see Christine Quinn, but do we ever know to take a look at who is Josh Isay. Josh Isay worked for Bill Rudin. When the community kept demanding a full-service hospital to replace St. Vincent's, Josh Isay was advising Christine Quinn that it was O.K. to use the community of the Lower West Side of Manhattan as pawns in their game to help Josh Isay's other clients, the Rudin Family. And when we wonder what happened to Speaker Quinn's former Progressive roots, all you have to do is to look at her political advisors. If you vote for Speaker Quinn, because you are under the impression that you are going to get the "old" Christine Quinn of 15 years ago, then I invite you to please take a look at who decides what Speaker Quinn is allowed to do.

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