Saturday, January 26, 2013

Quinn Deal Was All Fake For Chelsea Market Concorse Protections For Food Businesses

From DNAinfo : Chelsea Market Agreement Leaves Food Concourse at Risk, Opponents Say

Jamestown Properties, the owner of Chelsea Market, is under no obligation to "keep the historic building's food concourse" after its zone-busting expansion deal was approved by New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, reported DNAinfo.

Speaker Quinn had sold the zone-busting deal for Chelsea Market with a sketchy bait-and-switch "promise" that the food business located in the concourse of Chelsea Market would be "protected."

But now comes DNAinfo to report that Speaker Quinn's deal to protect the food businesses was all made up. According to Speaker Quinn's signing statement, "The Council’s action permanently protects 75 percent of the current total interior ground-floor concourse retail space for food-related uses." But DNAinfo now reports that there is no legally-binding protection that exists that matches Speaker Quinn's promise.

The protections for the food businesses in the concourse that Speaker Quinn "brokered" was all fake. What remains surprising is how anybody can claim to be "shocked," when Speaker Quinn has a track record for many years now of never standing up for anything that is important to the community ? When are folks going to "see the light" that Speaker Quinn represents all that is bad about neoliberalism ?

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