Thursday, January 17, 2013

Susman and Quinn Violate Campaign Finance Disclosure (No Surprise)

Is Pfizer executive Sally Susman, who has reached her cap of in-kind campaign contributions to Christine Quinn's undeclared mayoral campaign, deliberately trying to exceed campaign finance restrictions ? What kind of shady campaign finance chair is running Speaker Quinn's mayoral campaign ? (See : Christine Quinn and Sally Susman Omit Campaign Finance Disclosures)

Ms. Susman is a major bundler for President Barack Obama, and Ms. Susman attended Speaker Quinn's wedding last year.

Speaker Quinn has had a history of questionable campaign finance ethics. Remember how Maura Keaney has had several questions raise about her campaign work on behalf of Speaker Quinn, including getting busted one time, which resulted in fines imposed on Ms. Keaney ?

How long before Speaker Quinn's questionable fundraising activities become radioactive to her bundlers, and, by extension, to other politicians connected to those bundlers ?

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