Thursday, January 10, 2013

Quinn, in panic mode, already reorganising her unannounced mayoral campaign

After facing unrelenting criticism and protests, are Team Quinn close to firing Josh Isay and hiring school teacher ?

After her many shady deals in City Council, Speaker Christine Quinn has angered many different communities. Activists concerned with stop-and-frisk, animal rights, healthcare, term limits, Progressive reforms, campaign and electoral reforms, and sustainability and infrastructure issues have been working in a loose collective to vote Speaker Quinn out of office.

Speaker Quinn's current political consultant, Josh Isay, has been caught off guard by the desperation in which Speaker Quinn's mayoral campaign has found itself, and he has managed to underestimate voter anger and has tripped over his own spin.

Now, after DNAinfo has published an article about the looming activism that Speaker Quinn's campaign faces, it has been announced that Speaker Quinn is hiring a campaign manager, Matt Tepper, to help her bail out her sinking political ship. Mr. Tepper is a former school teacher, and it is hoped that his presence will help Speaker Quinn relate with the working classes of New York City.

Speaker Quinn has been the leader of the City Council since 2006. But her move to the hard right since she came into office, in order to garner support from the business community, has arguably made her lose touch with reality.

In a further effort to possibly ease out Mr. Isay and to help her reconnect with the "little people," Speaker Quinn is also hiring another senior political advisor, Michael DeLoach, to help Speaker Quinn get a pulse of the city over which she has governed.

Mr. DeLoach is a former Howard Dean field organiser (pre-scream) and a former political coordinator for the union 1199.

It's only through campaign machinations that Speaker Quinn hppes to put on a façade of empathy with the issues facing real New Yorkers, because that kind of connection doesn't come naturally to her, not after so many years of practically serving as deputy mayor to Mike Bloomberg.

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